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We believe working safely is paramount to productivity. Safety is integrated into every Buchanan Contracting solution, from the initial bid to the last personnel leaving the job site. Our trained and competent teams maintain a high level of situational awareness and keep one another in compliance. We have an onsite Safety Director who ensures each project is executed in accordance with OSHA guidelines. 


With over 80 employees across five divisions, we are incredibly grateful for our team’s continued commitment to our progress as a company and as individuals. From administration to onsite personnel, every team member at Buchanan Contracting operates with the same intentions towards the same goals.


BCI is intrinsically anti-gimmick. Sincerity through transparency has created a team that feels more like family. Fair critique, honest self-
assessment, and open dialogue are foundational to our client’s success as well as our own. A good, honest day’s work is all we

know how to do. 

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